The *Grand Finale* All 4 Pregnant Paintings!

Here she is! The most fertile, lush, feminine piece I ever created. She came alive as I was 9 months pregnant….

detail midwife by meghan oona clifford
Those soft pastels!

Her face just happened to look exactly like one of the midwives on my team. 😮

I felt my daughter kick a ton while painting this piece… As she was blossoming into being, so was this painting…

Here’s a behind-the-scenes time-lapse of the painting process:


What do these pregnant-ly paintings say to you?

All 4 Painted-While-Pregnant, now available

I’m looking for keywords about how they make you feel, what images come to your mind, and what associations, so please share your insights below… 

Thanks for coming on this journey with me!
~Meghan Oona


  1. They speak to me that- I am part of the greatest artistic concept of the wild amazing ride of creating life. The dreams and hope for thefuture lie within me. I will pass along my inspiration for the future generations so they can do the same. In the name of love, kindness and peaceful humanity….:)


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