New Release! The Story of ‘Introspection’

My third “pregnant painting,” ‘Introspection,’ sums up my emotional state at the time: protective, internal, and peaceful.

Soft blues and purples symbolize spirit and peace

I was doing a TON of meditation and hypnosis to prepare for the birth and beyond. One mantra was Bubble of Peace, and this painting became that sensation.

6 months pregnant!

Curious about the process? I used oil for her face and body, then switched to acrylics for the rest.

Here’s the time-lapse as she comes to life:

See the final work here. The original is available, plus paper and canvas prints of your size choice.

What does this painting say to you? I’m looking for keywords about how she makes you feel, what images come to your mind, and what associations, so please comment below… 

Thanks! ~Meghan Oona

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