An Unveiling: The Source

This goddess came to life while I was pregnant, and everything was flowing straight from my heart. She’s about living a heart-centric life. She chooses love every time.

Let her be your medicine when you are:

• Creating new projects (or people)
• Calling on gratitude
• Choosing love over indifference

Peek at the process and time-lapse below, and visit my website for the original or prints.


Sleepy pregnant work vibes

Time-lapse of the process:

See the final work here. The original is available, plus paper and canvas prints of your size choice.

Curious about your thoughts!Do my PWP (Painted While Pregnant) paintings look different than usual? Have YOU experienced a change in your own work during a big transformation? Please share below, I’d love to hear your insights!

xo Meghan Oona

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