Activating Your Creativity {part 3}

Sharing this journey has been so beautifully fulfilling!

I started this exploration because I wanted to go deeper with my own creativity. 

In Part 1, we talked about identifying our most important creative endeavors. In Part 2, we got into how to allow creativity by removing obstacles. And in Part 3, I’m sharing exactly how to summon your creative projects into reality.

Watch Part 3 right here:

The most important thing I’ve learned through this creative journey is that creativity is our power.

Once this became clear, I knew I had to create something so we could all go deeper in activating our creativity.

I hope you’ll join me!

I developed a beautiful tool called Activate Your Creativity – A Journey. It guides you to get clear, focused, and creative:

• 18-page Activate Your Creativity Workbook
• 21 soul-searching exercises (10 questions, 11 prompts)
• 8 coloring pages with drawing exercises
• 12×16″ ‘The Summoning’ poster print for inspiration
• 5 Star Dust Collection postcard prints, ready-to-frame

Activate Your Creativity now! 

Interested in ‘The Summoning’ original painting? Or would you like to order more prints? Click here.

Insights, thoughts, questions? Share below…

Inspire someone to live their purpose today! Share ‘Living Your Purpose {part 3}’ with your creative community now.

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