Activating Your Creativity {part 2}

The more we create, the richer life becomes!

In Part 1 of this 3-part video series, I started a journey about activating our creativity in the deepest way possible.

I started a painting to reflect the process of identifying, allowing, and summoning creativity. As daunting as it can seem, living creatively is one of the most worthwhile gifts you can give yourself.

Life can be uncertain, confusing, and overwhelming without a clear, focused creative purpose to guide our way. I’ve definitely lost my way at times, blocked, unable to see my path forward…

But I wanted to expand my creative art practice into my life. How could I unlock my highest creativity and live my best life?

Watch as this creative journey goes even deeper…

Since I was a child, art was always my path. But obstacles got in the way – money, school, teachers, societal ideas, and self-doubt would derail me repeatedly. Ugh!

What creative passions have always been a part of your life?

The more awareness we bring to our creative selves – your “WHY” – the deeper and richer our lives become.

Practicing the *feeeeeeling* of creativity helps activate it in our souls… Share in the comments how creativity feels to you…

(And we’ll talk about HOW TO ACTIVATE your greatest creativity in Video 3!)

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