Activating Your Creativity {part 1}

I just created something BIG. One could say my most important masterpiece ever, because we just welcomed our beautiful baby girl into this world!

Blissing out with my masterpiece!

I’ve been thinking deeply about creativity, and during this fertile time, a special painting was also born.

Creating art and creating life feel similar, in a way. It feels like reaching out to touch the void, to summon that which does not yet exist, and to become a vessel for it.

I dug so deeply into what it means to be creative, I just had to share this journey with you! So I put together this 3-part video series all about Activating Our Creativity. 

Over the next couple weeks, I’ll take you behind-the-scenes through the process of identifying, allowing, and summoning our very best creations.

It’s all about living your truest creativity!

Watch Part 1 now to see how this journey begins…

Sooooo….. what are YOU creating lately? What’s the most important thing emerging in your life right now?

Read through this list and notice what creative endeavor awakens the most excitement in your soul right now:

• Family
• Community
• Art
• Love
• Self-care
• Peace
• Right Livelihood

Share in the comments – what are you are most called to create right now? Plant your seed of intention for this creative journey below….

>> Watch Video 2 <<

Inspire someone today! Share ‘Activating Your Creativity {part 1}’ with your community now!

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