Robot vs. Artist 🤖🎨

For me, computer work and studio work are two veeeery different, but very important parts of being an artist. Unfortunately, I don’t navigate between them very well. 😝

When I walk into my studio, I must access my intuitive, open, flowing creativity. But for computer work, I use a more logical part of my brain, that I call affectionately call Robot Mode.

I’m sure some artists out there can write code for an hour, then switch right to painting, (if this is you, please tell me your secret!) But I have to divide my work into separate days or even weeks or months. No overlap.

Fresh out of Robot Mode, and really missing painting, a mad flurry of work just emerged during my latest return to the studio. MUST PAINT! ALL DAY LONG!!

So instead of diving deep into just one painting, I started six. I started the faces first, working with oils.

Batching the paintings proved super liberating. I flowed smoothly between faces, used only one paint palette, and finished them all within three weeks.

Take a peek at these six goddesses as they come to life… This first face I find so Spring-like:

This lady is inspired by an alien-esqe 70’s fashion shoot:

Next come this mysterious, brooding figure:

And a stately, royal queen:

Then this light-hearted lady, with sunglasses to an alternate dimension:

And finally, this cosmic sister who resides within the fabric of the universe:

Stay tuned for the finishing touches, and then I’ll get to the super fun and colorful part! 😉

xo Meghan Oona

P.S. I’m already looking for title suggestions, so if a certain concept or name jumps out at you, let me know below…

P.P.S. Artists – how do you oscillate between art work and the less-inspired work in your life? Do tell…

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