Art is a Sacred Act (video)

Have you ever realized just how important artists are?

Like shamans, healers, and midwives, artists usher humanity into new understandings and truths. If you’re an artist – you’re crucial for the evolution of humanity!

Art is a sacred act.

I know it’s so easy to forget this, and believe society whispering that art is “silly” or a “luxury.” NO.

You and your art are needed, especially right now.

So you’re officially invited to my brand-new mini workshop, Rituals for Artists. Sign up now to infuse your art practice with sacredness and spirit.

You’ll get 3 Video Lessons, 13 Action Prompts, and 40 Mantras to help you learn that:

✼ Artists need ritual to get inspired
✼ Artists help humanity evolve
✼ Life is better because of art
✼ Artists are actually shamans
✼ Art practice is spiritual practice
✼ Making art is sacred
✼ Art heals the world

And much more!

Imagine what your life and art would be like if you added sacredness to your practice.

Join us right now for this life-affirming experience! When you sign up, you’ll receive:

✼ 3 Video Lessons to Build Ritual into your Art-Making
✼ 13 Action Prompts to Create your Best Rituals
✼ and 40 Inspiring Art Mantras

Jumpstart your creativity, in just minutes a day!
See you there,
xo Meghan Oona 

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