Rituals for Artists (video!)

Based on everything I hear from you guys about your creativity, I created this brand new workshop that will transform your art practice forever!

It’s all about adding RITUAL to your art-making.

I know how frustrating it can be when you’re too unmotivated, distracted, or overwhelmed for your art 😦

So if your art and soul need a little inspiration, join us today to learn why ritual is such a powerful trigger for your creativity – and exactly how to harness it.

Create your own rituals from scratch by learning to awaken your senses, use the elements, and unlock your most important motivators.

You get:
3 Video Lessons to Build Ritual into your Art Practice
13 Prompts to Create Easy and Effective Rituals
40 Inspiring Art Mantras

I once struggled to be a “real artist,” because I let my beliefs hold me back. I though art was “selfish” and “silly.” Once I realized how art is actually one of our most sacred gifts, I realized making art is a healing act that uplifts our world.

If I can transform my beliefs around art and take the next step, so can you. Making your art helps heal your inner world and inspires the people around you – your art is needed!

Imagine what your life and art will look like once you truly believe:


Ready to learn how?

Join me for this gentle, easy workshop and feel the deep shifts not only in your art, but in your heart and soul.

Transform your life and art forever!

Sign up for RITUALS FOR ARTISTS Workshop right now

Creative Blessings,
xo Meghan Oona

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