You are good enough! (video)

Lately I’ve been talking with a LOT of you Creative Spirits about your challenges and struggles with your art.

What I realized, listening to you, is the biggest barriers to making your art aren’t about lack of talent, drive, or motivation.

The overwhelming concerns are about Confidence and Time. So what happens a lot is you feel sort of paralyzed in your art practice, because it takes time to become more confident in your art – but until you feel more confident, you procrastinate making time for your art! NooooO! It’s a vicious cycle, right?

Feeling like you’re not good enough SUCKS.
I’ve been there, and I’m glad to say I found a way through, and I’m honored to be able to help people get to the other side so they can make their best art with joy and inspiration.

Transforming upside-down beliefs
Years ago I was struggling with becoming a “real artist,” because I l was letting some wrong beliefs hold me back. I worried that perusing a career in art might be “selfish” or “silly.” But I did a year-long sabbatical in the desert and looked deeply within, and it took that amount of searching to realize that art is one of our greatest gifts.

I committed to my art and never looked back. So if I can transform my upside-down beliefs around art and take the next step, so can you. Making your art helps heal your inner world and inspires the people around you.

Imagine knowing you’re already good enough – right now
I invite you to image what your life and art will look like when you finally learn that you’re already good enough – as an artist and a human. You’re good enough to listen to your inner voice, you’re good enough to show up and make your art, you’re good enough to share your art with the world, and you’re good enough to join this worldwide conversation, using art as your vehicle, to help uplift and inspire each other.

Join us to go deeper
I’m so happy to offer this mini Workshop that immediately crushes that feeling of not being confidence as an artist, and never having enough time for your art. It’s a gentle, easy Workshop that still creates deep shifts not only in your art, but in your heart and soul. It’s a life-changing experience.

So once you sign up you get 3 video lessons all about building your skills and confidence, and you get 30-Days of easy Sketchbook Prompts to jumpstart your transformation, in just 10 minutes a day. Artists like you have already been through the course and love it.

Join us for some deep transformation, and I’ll see you over there,

xo Meghan Oona

P.S. Remember to comment below to let us know what’s going on in your art practice right now 🙂

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