A Love Story…

Have you ever needed a total life reboot?

Once, years ago, I felt very lost as to my life’s purpose and direction.

But when I moved to San Francisco to go to grad school and follow the dream of being a professional artist, everything changed…

Sonal – click to purchase

I lived in a warehouse converted into live/work lofts. It was very “a room of one’s own.” I had space and time to focus all my energy on becoming a huge art nerd and creating lots of work. It was messy, chaotic, joy.

I made new friends, went out to music, and soaked up bliss everywhere. The Bay Area is a vibrant, gorgeous city that fed my soul inspiration and activated my whole being.

Soul Sisters

So I fell in love with the Bay, but guess what? I also fell in love with myself, finally. What does loving yourself look like? Something like this:

• Replacing negative self-talk with compassionate self-talk
• Enjoying your solo time
• Practicing gratitude
• Leaving toxic relationships
• Treating yourself with tenderness and patience
• Being honest with yourself
• Knowing you are already whole

I learned to treat myself better, and it infused my art and continues to be a main theme. Love yourself people! Find your purpose, live big, and be true to your own, truest self. And apparently this is a great precursor to…

Falling in love with someone else! Who knew?!  I met my husband in the Golden Gate Park, and without getting too gushy, it felt like frosting on the cake, because I truly enjoy going deep with one special person who loves me back…

Hubs! ‘$F’ Artists Collection but prints are available – click to purchase

Thank you, Bay Area! Even though I’ve now moved a bit outside the hubbub, this process of coming alive to living a big, celebratory life, started in the city that I’ll love forever!

xo Meghan Oona

P.S. Where have you lived or spent time that changed everything for you? Please share your story below!…

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