3 Big Lessons for Your Art!…

Today I wanted to share a few of the BIGGEST lessons I’ve learned in my art practice over the years….

I gathered all these observations of what worked best for my practice, and I wrote them all down on a list I call ‘My Rules of Art.’ And the first rule of course, is to break all the rules. This could also be called My Guideposts, but either way, there’s 23 rules in all, but I just wanted to share a couple of the most important ones here…

Setting Goals for Your Art
My first rule is “The goal is always transcendence, to find a greater truth, to more deeply share our true essence.” That’s the goal of my art, and I urge you to dig deep and decide what your own goal is for your art. It helps clarify your practice and make your art stronger, when you decide on your message with intention like that.

Comparisons Hurt
Another rule is “Don’t compare yourself to other artists.” Your art may not look like your favorite artists, and your technique may not be where you want it to be yet. But comparisons hold you back If you’re going to compare, compare your recent work with earlier work. And keep moving forward, without getting caught up in judgements.

Mostly Importantly
Ok, so what’s the most important rule on my list? It’s definitely to…. (drum rollllll)…. JUST… START!!!

If you’re an artist, that means you most likely work for yourself – you have to be really self-motivated to show up consistently in the studio. So adopting an attitude of “Just Starting” means you don’t allow yourself the room to hem and haw and get distracted. You just get in there and Start.

How to Clear Your Blocks
I know”Just Starting” can be easier said then done, especially if you’re struggling with blocks. Now, I have lots of tricks to overcome any distractions and obstacles you may face, whether it’s perfectionism, stress, or just general overwhelm. And I actually developed a personal assessment to help you discover exactly which blocks are obstacles for you – and how to clear them away.

This assessment reveals exactly how much each of the eight main blocks affect you – and you can take the quiz right now to go a little deeper so you know what may be holding you back. Doing this work will help you clear a path mentally, so when it’s time to show up for your art work, that’s exactly what you do.

So get ready to go deeper in your own practice, and take the Clear Your Blocks Assessment right now here. And I’ll see you other the other side, creating your best, most inspiring artwork yet!

xo, Meghan Oona

P.S. Please let us know below which blocks showed up for you in the quiz, because being part of this community will only benefit your art. I’ve love to hear how it goes, as you start crushing those blocks out of your way!…

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