A free drawing exercise (and what I’ve been up to!)

Hi creative spirit!

Today I just wanted to pop in and share what’s been going on with me lately – we just finished the very first run of The Creative Path Workshop – and it was absolutely beautiful, enlightening, and inspiring.

It was so rewarding to watch the artists go deeper and deeper with every exercise, and we had a great ongoing conversation, talking about everything from the logistics of making your best art, to getting organizing, letting go of fears and overwhelm…

We did about thirty drawing exercises, three big paintings, and a bunch of reflections through worksheets and exercises all about finding your unique message and purpose. So yeah – I’m riding that high, and will be for awhile. I’m going to try to run it again this year so stay tuned if you’re interested in joining, it was truly a beautiful experience.

So what now?
I managed to get some travel in! We took 10 days off to visit Kauai, which is the crown chakra of the islands. It was a pretty wonderful trip – we got a lot of nature time in, even though it rained a lot, but I love the rain. We snorkeled and kayaked and drank wine and made some great new friends. Lots of laughter… and it felt great to relax and unwind because this year has been all about working really hard. I get so passionate about my work that it doesn’t really feel like work, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s hard on the body and takes up a lot of time. So stepping back a bit felt great!

Free creativity exercise (grab your sketchbook!)…
Now that I’m back in the studio, I’m offering a free drawing exercise for you guys. It’s similar to the ones we’ve been doing in the Creative Path Workshop, so you can take a little peek at the types of studies we do in there. This exercise is about activating all of your senses so you’re painting and drawing with your whole body, not just your eyes. It makes the work a lot more vibrant and alive. If you’re on my email list, the free exercise is already in your inbox, otherwise just go here to check it out.

I hope everyone’s feeling purposeful and creative lately – and if not, let me know what’s going on for you in your art practice, you know I love hearing from my fellow artists because it helps me improve my teachings and my offerings for you guys.

Ok! See you again soon!
xo, Meghan Oona

P.S. For real – grab your sketchbook and try the free drawing exercise – it can add a lot of new inspiration for your art practice, in just a few minutes 🙂 Go here to check it out.

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