From Blocked to Prolific… (Why Creativity Matters)…

Dear Artists –

Sometimes I have flashes of insight, I’m sure you’re familiar with the sensation? I recently remembered what it felt like to think being an artist was “silly,” “self-indulgent,” and “not real work.”

Ugh. Gut punch.

It felt like I was far-removed from my true essence, like a loneliness for my own soul.

It felt like I was turning away from my most important inner calling.


Not the best feeling ever.

Unfortunately we get a lot of negative messages about art and artists – from society, our family, friends, possibly even ourselves…

They may tell us artists are selfish, crazy, dramatic, irresponsible, tortured, and penniless.

Um, NO. As artists, we know we can be both:

✼ Passionate AND responsible
✼ Creative AND organized
✼ Visionary AND a parent
✼ Inspiring AND grounded
✼ Prolific AND successful
✼ Skillful AND self-taught
✼ Awestruck AND productive

Once I started to embrace my innate, passionate creativity, I started to come more alive. I felt more free, and more ME.

I’ve done a LOT of work to get to this place where I am 300% living my most creative life. I’m so much happier, purposeful, and alive.

I hear from so many of you that you’re busy, stressed out, and exhausted… but yearning to give yourself the gift of more creative time, more meaning, more connection with your true purpose. I know you want to leave a legacy and inspire the world.

The Creative Path Workshop can help ignite your motivation and inspiration. It’s designed to lead you to express your very own, unique style and message. And I’ll be right here with you, step-by-step, through exercises and lessons the entire way.

Because the world needs artists right now. The world needs beauty, truth, and understanding. Artists need to come alive to open eyes and hearts.

The time is NOW.

If you want to learn more details, go here.

If you join before Monday, January 29, you get $100 off, so I invite you to join The Creative Path Workshop now.

It’s the perfect next step for artists ready to go to the next level.

Lots of Love,
xo Meghan Oona

P.S. Here’s my new video and invite to save $100 and join us.

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