I Love Making Art – But I Do Get Blocked… (Real Talk)…

Fellow Creatives, is this you? Do you adore making art, but run into obstacles that keep you uninspired, unmotivated, too busy, distracted, or stuck? Are you struggling to make art from your truest voice? NooooOO!

Time for some real talk… it sounds harsh, but not everyone will make it.

I hate to say it but it’s true.

A lot of artists will put away their art supplies and stop creating. This is a tragedy. There are many reasons for this and I’ll address some common ones here.

We need to fight the urge to give up, because art makes the world better, and the world needs to get better right now! Art is the salve for many personal wounds and for our world.

Obstacles to art can come from within, like from self-criticism, perfectionism, and procrastination… These blocks can manifest into being uninspired, unmotivated, and too distracted to even show up.

Blocks can also come from our surroundings… an extra-harsh critique from a peer can set us back months. Or if you’re a parent, you simply may be out of energy.

We need to identify and clear our blocks, and I’m getting ready to share some tools with you to tackle them head on!..

These challenges can definitely be overcome, I know from many years of experience. In fact, I created a system to routinely move past blocks, so I can be as happily and productively creative as possible.

More than ever, we have to evolve and shed these blocks and fears and move forward into living our most creative lives.

Anyone else feel themselves evolving right now? Getting ready for the next level? Change is scary, but it’s the perfect time because humanity needs us.

The calling for us to be the artists we’re meant to be is STRONG! It’s our time!

xo ~Meghan Oona

P.S. Sign up to get the juicy details about the upcoming free training right here.

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