Calling All Artists! – Why it’s Your Time NOW…

My Dear Artist Friends,

We all face creativity struggles, and I’ve heard from so many of you about challenges, blocks, and obstacles you face in your art practice. 

I’ve got some stuff brewing about this and I’m going through a lot of shifts in my own art practice. I’ve been reflecting on a few things and how I want my life to be.

To be honest, some of this work goes really deep and it feels vulnerable to share. BUT…

I’m gearing up for a huge new project, and it’s rocking my world! I’m excited and scared, but my heart is wide open…

I promise to spill the beans about the whole journey and destination super soon… 

In the meanwhile I need a favor from all you creatives!… I’m looking for your input about specific struggles and challenges you face in your creative practice.

If you could have a private conversation with me, what questions would you ask me? Please reply below or email me your questions!

I’m working on new and exciting resources for YOU to upgrade your creative life. Together we can reclaim our creative power, release what’s not working and start the year with a bang!

Things don’t have to necessarily be “wrong” or “broken” to make big changes, sometimes it’s just a matter of taking it to the next level.

Sometimes we just need the right tools to find our true, unique style and voice.

So – keep an eye out next week, because I’m releasing a NEW and FREE training for YOU!!!

I know I say this all the time, but it really is our time to step up and help heal the world.

Who’s with me?!

xo ~Meghan Oona

P.S. Remember to reply below or email me your questions! What struggles do you face in creating art? (examples: need more time, space, money, inspiration…) 

P.P.S. I’ll be offering some amazing new tools to help you move beyond struggles and flourish as an artist. Sign up right here now to get the tools sent to your inbox over the next few weeks.

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