Free Exercise: Embracing Your Both/And Mindset…

Hey there, my fellow artists and creatives!

Today, we’re looking at a creativity block that’s so pervasive, many of us don’t even realize it’s happening…

The big question is – are we allowing ourselves to live our most creative lives? Are we expressing our unique voice and vision? Or are we getting in our own way?

Can we make money, fulfill our family obligations, AND be a prolific artist?! Can we really do it all?

YES! You just need to heal the Either/Or mindset that may keep you blocked as an artist, and then decide who you really want to be.

Let’s do this!

We all want to live fulfilling lives. Sometimes that means taking a good hard look at where you’re at. Are you living an Either/Or reality?…

“I can either be a good parent or a good artist”

“I can either make money or live my dream as an artist.”

“I can either buy my kid’s tuition or my art supplies.”

“I either have time for my job or my art.”


With messages from society, our family, and maybe even ourselves, it’s no wonder we may think like this. We have a lot of “shoulds” to fulfill, and our art practice can come in second place.

Let’s take a step back and brush off all the “shoulds.” No more pressure and obligations.

It’s time to embrace Both/And!… 

• Artists can be both prolific and have a thriving family.
• Creatives can both earn money and make art.
• Artists can demonstrate living a full life to their children by being both creative and stable.
• Professional artists can find both fulfillment and rent money from their art.

Living your most creative life doesn’t mean leaving everything else behind. 

Instead, it adds to it.

You really can live your most creative life. First though, you must move through some blocks about your “shoulds”…

Grab your sketchbook or journal and jot down and explore these ideas about being an artist…

Step 1: Write a list of negative words associated with artists. (examples: crazy, selfish, wild, etc…)

Step 2: Imagine a healed worldview, in which artists are revered for their wise visions and appreciated for bringing beauty into this world.

Step 3: Write a new list of positive words associated with artists in this evolved world. (examples: enlightened, selfless, inspiring etc…)

Imagine being the kind of artist you want to be. How would your creativity overflow onto the world? Who would you inspire?

It’s time to step up!

xo, Meghan Oona

P.S. Thoughts? Do you ever get stuck in Either/Or thinking? Do any negative associations with artists bring you down? Comment below with your insights!

P.P.S. I offer some great tools to help you embrace your highest potential as an artist. Sign up right here now to get the tools sent to your inbox over the next few weeks.

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