A Simple Ritual to Return to the Light

You may remember I use a Daily Gratitude Practice. I even started posting it on social media and was delighted when friends started their own gratitude practice.

Despite the loss and heartache we all go through, I know you also have great things in your life. So here’s a simple ritual to remind you that life is still beautiful.

Let’s change our lives from the inside-out! You have power over your thoughts, so let’s get thinkin…

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Grab your favorite pen and stationary, light a candle, and pour of cup of peppermint tea….

Make a list of 50 things you’re grateful for. 

Yes, 50 things!

This ritual actually reprograms your neural pathways, re-focusing your energy to be grateful. All of a sudden, you’re back in the present moment, which is usually quite beautiful.

If you get stuck here are some handy prompts:

What smells am I grateful for?

What foods am I grateful for?

What experiences from 2016 am I grateful for?

What parts of my body am I grateful for?

What stories am I grateful for?

What technologies am I grateful for?

What music am I grateful for?

What holidays am I grateful for?

What people am I grateful for?

What sights am I grateful for?

What colors am I grateful for?

What places am I grateful for?

What textures am I grateful for?

What season am I grateful for?

What artists am I grateful for?

What art am I grateful for?

What talents am I grateful for?

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Get going! Let this ritual brighten your mood and heart. Let gratitude lead you back to the light.

And kindest wishes for a life-affirming, joyous lifetime full of health, wealth, and lots of belly-laughs, for everyone!

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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