Imagine Your Perfect Day…. Is There Room for Creativity?…

Fellow Creative People,

It’s frustrating when life gets away from us and we lose sight of our true path. Family obligations, jobs, and general busy-ness can drain our energy and pull us away from our true work.

Even if we’re professional artists, living the dream with all our heart and soul – we can get stuck in a creative rut, exhausted from too many commissions, or burnt out from pushing too hard. We may struggle to create with our authentic, true voice.

Getting off track is SO common, I see it all the time – Artists who found their calling, but still struggle to overcome blocks, resistance, and obstacles.

We make all sorts of excuses about why we’re blocked, or not as prolific as we’d like, but in truth… you need to deal with the blocks head on, so you can live your most creative life!

Here’s a great exercise if you’re blocked, stuck, or struggling…

Imagine your most perfect life. What does a day in that life look like?

This can be hard to give yourself permission to even imagine. But a prolific art practice takes three things:

• a love of making art
• willingness to do the work
• commitment
to remove obstacles

I invite you to grab your sketchbook or journal, and jot down some notes about what your perfect day entails…

On a perfect day, what time do you get up?

What do you eat for breakfast on an ideal day?

Who do you see on a perfect day?

Is there a space for creativity? What does it look like?

How much time do you spend being creative in this perfect day?

Are you making the art you were meant to make?

Are you living your most creative life?

I’ve thought about how to create my ideal day (and life!) for years… The answer might surprise you. More on this soon…

Because now more than ever, artists like us have to STEP UP and embrace creativity as a tool for good in the world.

Seriously – your unique voice is needed!

Here’s to getting through your blocks and building an art practice you love!

xo ~ Meghan Oona

P.S. Thoughts? Reply below to let me know all about your perfect day and life!

P.P.S. I’ll be offering some great tools to tackle blocks. Sign up now right here to get these resources sent to your inbox over the next few weeks.

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