An Extra-Special Painting Comes To Life!…


I’ve been working for decades to get to this point. It feels vulnerable, overwhelming, and wonderful!

This extra-special painting coincided with the development of my Art Workshop. While I was recording techniques to create meaningful art that expresses your true voice, I was also at the easel, applying those very lessons.

It made for a richer painting experience, and a richer end result. As the proverb says,

To learn, read. To know, write. To master, teach.

Enjoy this speedy time-lapse video as she comes alive!…

So now I have a simple favor to ask of you…

I’m raising money to finish the workshop! So I’m offering ‘Oracle’ prints of your size choice with these bonuses in hopes you’ll grab some art to support the cause…

Here’s the Bonus Art Bundle you get FREE with ‘Oracle’…
3 glossy Postcard Prints, ready to frame or send to a friend
• A *new* high-quality, downloadable Art Print, ready to frame

visionary artist painting thinkspace gallery art tara mcpherson inspired spiritual feminine new contemporary art psychedelic visionary art pop surrealism art modern geometric fashion illustration modern fashion illustration art modern celtic knot work meghan oona clifford art lsd art juxtapoz visionary art hyperallergic artist hi fructose artist fashionista modern illustration decor fashionista contemporary art interior design artnews artist art basel painting alex grey inspired

(use discount code: BONUS)

Thanks for being a part of this amazing community of art-lovers! You are appreciated,
xo Meghan Oona

P.S. What does ‘Oracle’ say to you? Please comment your insights below!

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