3 of My Favorite Moments When I Paint…

1. Lighting the incense. This marks my departure from ordinary reality. I’ve stepped into another world, a world I get to create from nothing. It’s peaceful here, and everything else dissolves. Once the incense is lit, there’s no going back. This is happening!

2. The first marks on the canvas. It just feels so good. It doesn’t matter what it looks like yet, and it may get covered up. But I’m moving my body, connecting with the canvas, and bringing color to a blank, white space that yearned for it…

3. Knowing it’s coming together. There’s always a moment, deep into the process, when I step back and look at it as a whole, and think “there she is.” The painting now matches the feeling I had about it before starting. I’m bringing it to life, and it’s working!

Are you a creator? What are your favorite moments when you’re creating? Let me know below!

♥ ~Meghan Oona

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