Gravity Studies: An Ongoing Artistic Obsession

Sometimes artists can be a little… weird

For example, I’m compelled to photograph every thread that randomly comes across my path. Thread, rope, string, twine; whatever it is, I never disturb it, only document it’s state of being…

I wonder about the story behind each piece; it fell, it remains there, unnoticed by most, until once again, the world will sweep it to it’s next location.

It’s random, chaotic, and unimportant… but to me, interesting enough to stop me in my tracks and take notice, every time….

I have over a hundred pictures of strings that fell on the ground, which is a weird thing to get obsessed over, seemingly…

BUT at the same time I started collecting those images, I also happened to be embarking upon a huge series using a chaotic, flowing line quality – exactly like the fallen threads…. and what’s funny is I didn’t even realize the connection until later!

(detail) ‘Sonal’ / Illuminated Portraiture Collection / Click to see more

Once I realized that I’d been “researching” for my series, I was like “oh Duh,” and learned to pay closer attention to what my eye is drawn to…

I view each piece as a moment of Zen. If you’re curious to see more, I started an Instagram dedicated to this weird obsession, here…

If you’re so inspired, I invite you to tag @gravity.studies to share your own!

xo, Meghan Oona
P.S. Thoughts? On a scale of 1-10, how weird is this? Comment below!

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