A Lightning Strike, a Forest Fire, and a Painting….

We have some CRAZY experiences here in California!

For example, one day recently the LOUDEST lightning I ever heard struck about 150 feet away from our house, and our eucalyptus grove went up like a tinderbox.

If we weren’t here to call 911, and if the incredible firefighters didn’t get here in time, the house and a lot more acreage would’ve definitely been destroyed.

The crew trekked up our insane driveway in awful humidity and handled that fire like BOSSES! It took 30+ brave firefighters, 8 firetrucks, 2 helicopters, and 3 plane drops to get it out.

Here’s a peek at the helicopter dropping a ton of water on our burning trees…

We feel very blessed.

I painted a response to the whole experience, to release all the very intense energy…

That lightning strike shocked me awake; reminding me of our community, how blessed we are to be safe and alive, and of the preciousness of life.

I felt like I was vibrating with electricity, and, of course, GRATITUDE!

‘Lightning Strike,’ Visual Taoism Collection, Click to purchase…

xo, Meghan Oona

P.S. Please share your thoughts and insights! Have you ever experienced a natural disaster? Reply with your story below…

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