AUTUMN EQUINOX: Equally Dark, Equally Light

Today is a special day when we’re called to reclaim our balance. Night and day are balanced, but are we?…

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If we take a few minutes today, we can go within and seek what needs balancing in our own lives…

Where are we giving away too much energy?

What aren’t we spending enough time on?

Are our bodies balanced?

How about our minds, and hearts?

What can we do to add more balance?

To get the most growth out of this day, try one of all of these gentle exercises:

If you’re a yoga enthusiast, today’s the perfect day for balancing postures like Tree Pose.

If you find yourself in conversation today, consciously decide to listen as much as speak.

If you live in a place where Winter is Coming, bust out your favorite blankets and movies, and get your fireplace cleaned.

Repeat this mantra quietly to yourself:

I am balanced,
I am balancing, 
I am balance. 

Be well, friends, and enjoy!
xo Meghan Oona

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