Here’s Why I’m Obsessed with Celtic Knotting

Ancient Celtic knot work usually appeared in illuminated manuscripts like the famous Book of Kells….

The Chi-Rho page from The Book of Kells

If I believe in past lives, (do I? still debating)... I swear I worked on the Book of Kells. Spirals, endless knots, interlaced patterns, plaits, and woven cords live in my soul.

Folio from The Book of Kells, Incipit to the Gospel of John

The knots represent infinite eternity because they often never end. They symbolize the interdependence of our spiritual and material selves.

I too, see the world around me as interconnected, interweaving pieces of a greater whole.

Alignment Mandala, 2010 (click to see more)

There’s a big difference though, in the ancient knot-work and how I use knotting in my own, more recent work….

(detail) Lumen (click for more)

My lines are still endlessly knotted, but now I release them from a pattern. Instead they twist and wind their way all over the place -freestyle.

(detail) Star Dust

The unique freestyle knotting technique I developed over the years represents my past and my present. I’m of a culture, yet I’m separate from it. My great-grandparents’ home is unknown to me and I left my own hometown too…

I’m freestyle, twisting and winding my away around the world, free of any pattern imposed upon me. I don’t work 9-5 for someone else…

(detail) World Wide Web

…I dance like nobody’s watching, and it’s not the waltz. I gave myself a new name. I married late. I’m a psychonaut, a traveler, and a vegan…

I do it my way, for better or for worse (and there are sacrifices)…I’ve worked hard to be so, but I’m unashamedly, unabashedly freestyle…

(detail) Kwan Yin

The gorgeous animated story of The Secret of Kells is all about going freestyle too, just in a different way… Leaving the confines of safety, exploring nature and our inner worlds, and returning to put it to paper… Put it in your Netflix queue if you still need to watch it…

The Secret of Kells

Artists, do you incorporate any ancient traditions into your own art? Art-lovers, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

xo, Meghan

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