How to Lighten Up in 8 Steps!

In creating Lumen, I thought a lot about perspective. Many life events are neutral but our perspective makes them positive or negative. We can actually decide to change our perspective by incorporating some easy, but life-changing strategies.

If you read Jitterbug Perfume, you’ll remember the phrase Erleichda, meaning, “lighten up!” Although there is a poetic beauty about wallowing in pain, at some point it becomes counter-productive to our spiritual growth. (And our sanity.) If we have the power to lighten up, why not give these strategies a try?

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Lumen (click for prints and original)

Lighten Up in 8 Easy Steps!

  1. Stop watching the news. Unfollow all news providers in your Facebook feed (you can always follow them later). Journalism is a business that feeds off fear and worry. They thrive on clicks and often skip sharing good news in favor of depressing and scary stories.
  2. Start a daily gratitude practice. I keep a list on my phone and add three things to it at least daily, sometimes more. If I’m having unproductive bad thoughts, I flip the switch in my brain and write down three things I’m grateful for, refocusing my energy. Alternatively, say three things you’re grateful for each night at dinner.
  3. Dance party! With others or yourself. Crank up the music and dance like nobody’s watching. Let yourself be the fool, be young and innocent, be beyond judgement and worrying about what others may think.
  4. Be in Nature. The quieting of the mind that happens in nature is miraculous. Watch the waves lapping at your local lake, listen to the wind blowing through the trees on your favorite walk, or sit on the ocean beach, letting the beauty wash you clean.
Lumen (detail)

5. Beautify your environment. De-cluttering releases a lot of burden in the mental sphere as well. Bring in plants to remind you of growth and light, and nurture them. Hang meaningful artwork, and organize like-with-like to simplify.
6. Find your own meditation. It doesn’t have to be sitting on a pillow with your eyes closed. Find your flow – when do “you” and your thoughts disappear, and become one with the universe? For me it’s painting, cooking, and walking in the woods. Find your flow and do it as much as possible!

Lumen (detail)
Lumen (detail)

7. Write it down. If you’re going through some obstacles, writing down your feeling about it can really clarify things. Often I stumble upon a solution or realization that benefits the situation soon after I put pen to page about it. Can’t hurt!
8. Do a fire ritual. Write down what you’re ready to release from your life, be it fear, anger, a bad relationship, a soul-crushing commute, or a dirty house. Toss it in the fire and commit to change. Watch it burn up and turn into the light.

Hope these ideas spark some joyful lightening up for you! Let me know if you have more ideas that work for you!

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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