What’s the Name of Your Inner Child? (How I Got My Artist Name)


What’s the name of your inner child? How do you find out, and what can it do for you?

I never knew this was a thing, until I moved to a yoga retreat center in the middle of the desert a mile from the Mexico. My version of 40 days in the desert, but for a whole year. I spent my time meditating, being of service, and reflecting. What is our true nature? What is true love? How can I be a strong, independent woman? What is my purpose?

During one retreat we had to “find the name of our inner child.” After a few days of soul-searching, I determined mine was the same name I gave my beloved wolf dog, Oona.

When I chose her name years before, I knew she was a feisty girl, and I’d be calling her name a lot. I wanted it to be a beautiful sounding name. I’d never heard of the name Oona, but I liked the sounds Oo and Nah, so there it was.

Later my uncle told me of the old Gaelic story about Oona, Queen of the Fairies. Somehow an ancient part of my still vibrating those sounds.

So at the retreat, I went by Oona for the rest of the year, and still use it as my artist name.

When I was 16, I decided against getting confirmed in the Catholic church. I thought it sucked women couldn’t preach, gay people were shunned, and they stood against woman’s right to choose.

When you get confirmed, you promise to raise your future children Catholic, and you take another middle name. I refused, but years later in the desert, finding my Oona-self, I thought of it as a confirmation name too. I confirmed to believe in my inner guru, my inner child, and protect both all my life.

4 Steps to Find the Name of Your Inner Child:

  1. Retreat from reality for a little while in whatever way you can. Don’t drive anywhere, stay put, slow down, breathe for a couple of days. Decide you will find the name of your inner child, but don’t push, or try, just open up and let it come.
  2. Think about sound more than meaning. If you had to yell outside to summon your inner-child who was out playing all day, what sounds come to mind?
  3. Makes lists of options as they come to you. Sleep on it.
  4. Once you decide, think about what you can do with this name. Will it be a secret name? A pen name? A spiritual name? The name of your inner child is meant to connect you with your true self, the self that never “grows up,” then part that never dies.

Bonus points: re-watch the Never-ending Story for some inspiration. Remember when Bastian has to name the child-like Empress? Epic.

So what’s the name of YOUR inner child? If you figure it out, please share, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Love, Meghan Oona ♥


  1. All my life, I remember my parents telling me the story of how my brother came up with my name, that he always wanted a little brother named Barry. The reason? Because there was a monkey on a TV show with that name. Through some self exploration this year I realized what a terrible thing it was to be told from the time I was a child that the privilege of naming me was given to my three-year-old brother rather than my parents choosing a name that was special, and just the right name for me; not to mention the fact that I was named after a primate, something symbolic of the lowest stages of the human evolutionary process. I was a I was also told that they were disappointed that I was a boy when I was born because the doctor told them during the pregnancy that I would be a girl based on the sound of my heartbeat, or something like that. So this year, I set about renaming my inner child. I thought long and hard about it, and when the name came to me I knew it was the right name. My Inner child’s name is Ian, The name means ‘A gift from God’ and is the Gallic form of John, my father’s name.

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