The Wormhole: A Lesson in Rebirthing Ourselves

“If you’re not busy being born, you’re busy dying.” ~Bob Dylan

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The Wormhole

After the very intricate World Wide Web piece, I felt ready to loosen up and let my arm flow. And I became inspired by the neon desert installation of Ugo Rondinone:

Ugo Rondinone , neon desert installation, Seven Magic Mountains

Before loosening up though, I had to tackle her face, which I’m enjoying making more realistic as this series progressing:

how to paint a face, oil painting, meghan oona clifford art, meghan oona art, visionary art, pop surrealism, new contemporary art

Finally… time to PLAY!!!

art studio, neon color palette, meghan oona art, meghan oona clifford

The working title for this piece was Transcend Dance, in honor of that feeling of dancing in a crowd, losing yourself, and feeling part of the cosmic rhythm. However, in the middle of working on it, I re-watched Interstellar for the third time (LOVE IT!) and experienced an Ah-ha! moment.

I saw her being born, into a world of glorious color and playfulness. I think we’re all constantly shedding old skin and rebirthing ourselves into new understandings. This marks such a moment.

The simple truth of this painting is: sometimes you’ve just gotta do what makes you happy. And giving yourself this gift marks a rebirth into living your birthright.

Are there any parts of YOU that need rebirthing? Your inner child? Gratitude? Self-care? Nurture yourself and the process.

Here’s a quick and hypnotic time-lapse of the process, enjoy!

Love, Meghan Oona ♥


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