The Word: A Story of Finding My Voice

When I lost my voice, it wasn’t your usual laryngitis. It was a spiritual illness, the only time I’ve ever experienced anything like it. The day before, I’d gotten my Reiki attunement, a metaphysical healing rite by laying-on of hands. Possibly this illness was all my old stuff coming up, at least in a spiritual sense.

I was floored for a month. Looking back, it was probably Mono, but I wouldn’t go to a doctor. I think it required soul-healing instead of meds. I did wind up, serendipitously, at Doctor D’s house, a raw vegan Hollywood doctor. He dispensed some wisdom my way and I healed soon after.

Christianity and Hinduism both tell their stories of the beginning of the universe, and in the beginning was the word. Or sound – Aum, specifically, says Hindi scripture. Finding our own voice is akin to jumpstarting our own evolution.

meghan oona clifford art, tara mcpherson inspired, finding your voice art, throat chakra art, geometric painting, modern celtic knot work
The Word (click to buy)

Eight Ways to Find Your Voice:

  1. I wore only the color blue for several months, including blue sunglasses. Blue is the color of the throat chakra, and I know it’s totally woo woo, but I think it at least served as a psychosomatic reminder that I was consciously deciding to find my voice.
  2. Ginger tea, daily, to soothe the throat and bring energy there. If you’re sick, add garlic.
  3. Look within and ask “what am I not saying?” If it’s beneficial, say it.
  4. Also ask “what am I saying?” Are you gossiping and wasting words or complaining too much? Honor the power of words by choosing them wisely.
  5. Reiki (hands on) the throat brings warmth and love there.
  6. Forgive yourself for past misspeaks. You’re doing the best you can. Let it go – you’re not perfect.
  7. Devote yourself to finding and sharing your truth to benefit yourself and others. This means quiet time to hear your inner self without relying on others’ opinions.
  8. Follow your passion to discover your best way of communicating. The avenue of speaking your truth may be through music, painting, writing, or dance. Cultivate it.

Watch two weeks worth of work in 2 minutes as I paint The Word!

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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