Her Highness: How To Find Your Power

 This work asks us: How will you rule your own life? Your body is your temple, and your thoughts are yours to choose or let go. You can reign over yourself!

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Her Royal Highness 
20 x 24″ | oil, acrylic, and pencil on paper-mounted birch wood

To Find Your Power, Ask Yourself These 4 Questions…

  1. What’s your true reality?
  2. What erases the annoying bullshit of the outside world for you?
  3. How do you give away your power?
  4. When do you lose yourself in a project, exercise, celebration. That’s the clue to finding your power and happiness. Chase those moments.

Remember in Jitterbug Perfume, Einstein says “Erleichdha!” – or Lighten UP! This piece reminds me to find the lightness of life, put it on like a crown, and become sovereign of my own reality. Letting go of allllll the nonsense.

Sometimes a girl just needs to have fun. Painting “Her Highness,” I loaded my palette with neon fluorescents and went to town on this princess of all things light and loving.

For me, escaping into my paints offers relief from the nagging worries of reality. This is my true reality – color, expression, line, form, shape, and passionately communicating ideas!


Peek inside the studio as I paint Her Highness:

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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