How to Marry Yourself in 3 Easy Steps

The day I married myself, about ten years ago, I was walking down Market Street in San Francisco with my cousin Erin – a true Soul Sister. We came upon a ring slinger and a flash of insight flooded through me. I was to marry myself, right this minute. I had no more time to waste.

I realized this truth: There’s no such thing as soul mates. Your soul, by nature, is whole.

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My wedding rings, left, symbolize my commitment to my life partner, and on the right, symbolize my commitment to myself.

How to Marry Yourself in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Find a ring or other object to symbolize your self-love and commitment. Not to be materialistic, but sometimes infusing an object with symbolism can help remind us, daily, of our commitment. I wore that ring for years on my right hand devotion (4th) finger. And the self-love I aspired to finally became a reality!
  2. Write it down. Spontaneous self-marriage as mine was, I didn’t do this at the time, but I’d been writing and learning about my worth for years in my journal. Getting over a bad relationship, I knew I had to first work on what I needed to give myself before I found a new, healthy relationship. Make a list: What Do I Deserve in a Healthy Relationship? Then give yourself those things.
  3. Share the good news. I’m not saying throw yourself a self-wedding shower, but telling people that you’ve committed to loving and honoring yourself can make it more real and keep you accountable. Yes it’s woo-woo but who cares? Your self-development is the most crucial foundation in your life!


♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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