Spring Clearing for Your Soul

meghan oona clifford art studio

I have a few tricks to get us cleaning. Usually I say “10 minutes?” and hubby knows I mean to set the oven timer and we’ll both tidy up for 10 minutes. Usually, the buzzer sounds, but we just got into it, so we go for another 10, then another…

But yesterday I didn’t need to trick my brain. Sometimes you just get a major urge to clear out all the cobwebs, both physically and mentally. My studio looks 100 times better, and I feel so ready to tackle a new painting today!

meghan oona clifford art studio

More clearing tricks:

Start with just one area and see where it takes you!

Clean for just one song, and see if you want to keep going!

Always have a Goodwill box in the front hall closet.

Think of it as clearing, not cleaning. You’re clearing your space for new delights.

Research un-cluttering books on Amazon if you need some inspiration to do your whole house.

Ask yourself “does this bring me joy?” or “is it useful?” or “have I used this in the past year?” If no, let it go.

Ask yourself “am I holding on to this because someone gave it to me?” If yes, let it go.

Don’t just trash things. Find them a new home so someone can enjoy them.

meghan oona clifford art studio

Happy Spring Clearing!

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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