How To Uplift Your Soul – 10 Powerful Books I Recommend

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We all seek to understand ourselves more fully — we all want to be happy, and be the best version of our self we can be! As an artist, my work points to these paths to bliss. As an artist, my work acts shamanically, by reminding us of the cosmic truths of our true nature.

I developed an intense interest in world religion, mythology, and spirituality at a young age, and it only deepened with time.

Mysticism (direct experience with God / Goddess / the Universe / Love) through music, art, dance, and nature, is my #1 recommendation for accessing your true nature. But in a pinch, a good book will do! Here are my top ten books for to uplift your soul:

How To Meditate: This is a beautifully clear book, which I stumbled upon as a teenage and changed my life. If you only get one book off this list, get this one. It covers everything you need in your toolbox for enlightenment.

How to Meditate spiritual book list

Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior: This looks at the qualities of a warrior — and they’re not what you think! Put your sword down, and find your sensitivity.

spiritual book list

Eight Verses for Training the Mind: Taught me how to handle adversity, “frenimies,” and outright assholes. If you live in or visit Santa Cruz, you can walk a path with sitting areas at each of the 8 Verses, at the Land of the Medicine Buddha.

spiritual book list

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience: How chasing those moments of optimal experience will help you find your ultimate life purpose.

spiritual book list, finding your purpose, what is my purpose book

Dzogchen: The Self-Perfected State: Ancient Tibetan shamanistic teachings, focused on letting go of mental obstacles and realizing your true nature.

spiritual book list, ancient tibetan wisdom, dzogchen book list, self-perfection enlightenment

The Power of Now: Crucial reading about being present, letting go of distractions and mental formations, and happiness.

spiritual book list, zen books for art collectors

 Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul: I read a LOT of Deepak Chopra, and this is my favorite. Changes how we think of the body, and demonstrates how to re-ignite the soul. Includes beautiful exercises to look within and achieve a new, better you.

spiritual book list, deepak chopra for enlightenment

Zen Flesh, Zen Bones, by Paul RepA delightful collection of mini stories and riddles designed to wake you up and shock you into realization.

spiritual book list, zen for art collectors

I Heard God LaughingPoetry from one of Sufism’s greatest mystics, Hafiz, to open your heart and make it sing.

spiritual book list, spiritual poetry for art collectors

The Illuminated RumiThe most visually stunning book on the list. Rumi’s timeless poems set with Michael Green’s luscious, soul-quenching illustrations.

spiritual book list, poetry rum art collectors

I hope some of these spark an interest and even some revelations in your own quest of self-awareness, understanding, and happiness! Enjoy!

~Meghan Oona

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