Star Born: Why YOU are a Cosmic Being

This work marks the 10th piece in my new Star Dust Collection. One of the unifying themes is we are made of star stuff. We are the cosmos looking back up at itself. NOTHING IS COOLER THAN THAT!!!!!!!

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Star Born
2015 | 20 x 24″ | colored pencil, wax pastel, and acrylic on paper-mounted, cradled panel | orig. and prints here…

Here’s a clear explanation of how cosmic we really are:

And from Carl Sagan:

While working on this piece, I’d wake up in the morning after beautiful dreams about how we’re all made of star stuff!

We are quite literally cosmic beings. We can choose — how will we shine our light into our own lives? As the eyes of the universe, on what will we focus our attention?

Here’s a speedy peek into my process… enjoy! 🙂


♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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