How to Go Home Again: The Nest…

We all come from the same place – that mysterious void before birth and after death.And we’re all made from the same stuff – star dust, literally being the remnants of stars.

In life, we all suffer from feeling disconnected from that mysterious place. We carry a homesickness around with us that can be hard to shake.

But there is a way to connect with our source. When we slow down, close our eyes, and focus on breathing… all else slips away, we enter a place of no-thought, and we can experience a comforting feeling of being home again…

It’s a homecoming to the cosmic nest. Of which we all came, We all come from the same mysterious void, BORN OF LOVE, hatched into form, nourished in the cosmic nest, to take flight into this blissful world…

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The Nest / 18×22″ / Star Dust Collection

The robin sings of Springtime, and though it’s Fall most places, the rain starts in California now and the grass turns green again. It’s Fall here, but it’s Spring too.

For the constant renewal of life here on the California coast, for the promise of nourishment, security, freedom, and flight… I am grateful.

Watch me breath life into her in this SUPER speedy time-lapse:

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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