Aries Moon: Keys to Finding Your Voice

Born of the Supermoon eclipse, this piece blended abstraction and realism together in a way I dreamed of for awhile. I love the layers and depth and of course the symbolism…

She’s a reminder of when you feel the whole universe within, and know every star and grain of sand is part of you…

My favorite detail is the portal at the throat. It was a last minute addition, and reminded me of a time before I found my voice. A new age-y doctor friend of mine recommended I wear all blue, including blue sunglasses, to help my find my voice.

And here we are, years later… my voice, my vision, my hope for humanity, expressed and painted for all of you, shared to activate your soul. Maybe it’s time to start wearing purple next 🙂

celtic goddess art, modern gaelic goddess art, meghan oona clifford, tara mcpherson, modern gaelic art, modern celtic art, geometric fashion illustration painting

Aries Moon
16×20″ | colored pencil, wax pastel, and acrylic on paper mounted panel | orig. and prints available


I’m obsessed with time-lapses at the moment! They give a good overview of what it takes to create a work like this, but SUPER FAST! Enjoy…


♥ ~ Meghan Oona


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