An Emotionally Healing Series of Mini-Paintings…

Despite the bills and annoying errands I had today, I came back to the studio open enough to do some good work. My hands are messy with paint, and this satisfies me somehow. All in a good day’s work.

I’m relishing exploring freedom with the paints. Occasionally going abstract feeds my soul. It loosens my grip as I embrace rhythm and movement.

‘Inside’/ 8×10″ / Minis Collection / Click to purchase

Best of all is the emotion! I can see the emotions on the canvas. For example, this mini-painting above comes from a place of self-love, tenderness, and self-care. Going inside. Introspection.

This next one is about getting out. Out of my head, fears, and monkey mind. Seeing that blue sky and feeling the fresh air….

‘Outside’/ 8×10″ / Minis Collection / Click to purchase

Those first two loosened me up enough to shakes off my struggles from the week, to come fresh to this next piece… sheer delight and joy…

‘Everywhere’/ 8×10″ / Minis Collection / Click to purchase

I think they’d make a great triptych for someone’s wall, in the same frame or separate ones. Life, movement, rhythm, color… there’s so much emotion here! I’m a little bit in love with these gems.

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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