Love Supreme: How to Be Your True Self, Right Now

In my teens I discovered Buddhist meditation as a vehicle for self-transformation. This allowed me to be more present in my daily life by slowing me down, grounding me in my body and breath.

Working on this Star Dust Collection honors those moments of pure presence.

Those moments of celebration, inspiration, and revelation are mystical moments – the direct experience of “God,” “the universe,” “the source,” whatever you want call it…

meghan oona clifford, tara mcpherson inspired, geometric fashion modern art, interior decor modern geometric fashion art
Love Supreme / 18×24″ / Star Dust Collection / Click to own

These are baby steps towards enlightenment; the quiet moment at dawn after staying up with friends to watch the sunrise, and your heart feels so much joy it wants to burst… the moment, dancing, you completely lose your ego-self, and become one with everyone there, and the music itself. A quiet walk in the woods that has the same effect.

I’ve been bringing moments like these to life visually for many years now. These bursts of awareness mean so much to my own personal development that I want to share them, and art is the universal language that lets me do that.

Here’s a hypnotic video of the process…  it’s not a time-lapse, but rather pieces of the process in real time… enjoy!!!


♥ ~ Meghan Oona


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