Star Bright: Celebrating Our Truth

Sweet GLORY!!! is how I feel about this piece. I love her. This captures those epic moments in life when a truth enters your heart and you really know it deep, at a soul level. Truths like beauty, love, unity, peace. When the universe becomes not just the daily grind, but a place of ultimate magic and awe.

This is our goal as humans, to live in these truths all the time, and to share through our example, the kind of peaceful, fulfilling, compassionate life we can lead.

erik jones inspired art, alex grey inspired, android jones inspired, meghan oona clifford, fashion art, modern painting, visionary art

Star Bright
16 x 20″ | pencil, pastel, and acrylic on paper mounted panel | orig. and prints here…

I’m currently obsessed with timelapses. The one of the Star Bright process is one of my favorite, complete with a little happy dance at the end… enjoy…


♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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