Queen of Space: 3 Ways to Increase Your Powers of Manifestation

Sometimes it’s a good thing to be too busy to get to the art, even though it makes me crazy inside. This piece was all mounted and ready in my head, but the week became an endless series of appointments and mundane errands. When I finally got to her, I was so pumped!

This piece is about recognizing our internal creative abilities, how powerful our thoughts can be, and the ability to let them go, or create new neural pathways with them.

erik jones, meghan oona clifford, fashion art, modern contemporary mystical artwork, illuminated portraitureQueen of Space
2015 | 16 x 20″ | colored pencil, wax pastel, acrylic, on paper mounted panel | orig. and prints here…

How can we increase our powers of manifestation?

  1. Connect with your inner self. This may require some alone time to slow down, enjoy the quiet, and take space to hear your heart. Solitude can be our greatest teacher.

2. Create a vision board. Every one I’ve made worked wonders for my reality. Sometimes all we need is a little visualization, especially if we’re visual learners. Here’s more inspiration to make your very own vision board…

3. Let go of negative thoughts that make you doubt your goals. You can acknowledge them as they pop up, give them a little hug, then send them on their way. Replace them with joyful thoughts of gratitude and love. This can create new neural pathways in the brain.

Here’s a time-lapse of the Queen of Space coming to life:

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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