Storm Born: Embracing Our Inner Lightning

I am incredibly happy with this piece, and went through quite a journey to get here! This blends three of my series into one – Illuminated Portraiture, 100 Days of Art, Sisters, and Visual Taoism – all rolled up in one. But better.

Nothing felt quite as synchronistic as when a lightening storm (unheard of in California) descended as soon as I started painting the lightening bolts. Thunder was rumbling, light flashing, and the electricity even wobbled in and out a couple times. It was as if the universe was agreeing with the art, or the art was agreeing with the universe. Either way, what magic!

erik jones, meghan oona clifford, fashion art, fashion painting, geometric design modern art

Storm Born 
16×20″ | colored pencil, wax pastel, acrylic, on paper mounted panel | orig. and prints are here…

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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