I loved working on this piece. I had been tackling another that wasn’t flowing, so I put it aside and tapped into what I wanted to bring to life. I saw vibrant colors flowing into each other, and flowers wanting to come alive.

I finished this on the first day of July, my birth month. I felt all the summertime memories come alive in me – fireworks, family, parades, night swimming, and the peonies blooming.

abstract modern urban art, flora bowley, kelly are roberts, pastel flowers abstract urban art

36×36” | paints on stretched canvas | og and prints available

I’ve been connecting so strongly to the past, wanting to bring those happy times to my present. I went to the Grateful Dead Fare Thee Well show in the middle of working on this piece, and that was another kind of full circle. Making the old new again. Recycling, renewal, rebirth.

Happy July.

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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