Taking Flight

Painting this piece was such metaphor for life. There’s this pathway, and it’s difficult to decide to take that first step, but you kind of have to force yourself, or else you get nowhere.

There are forks in the road that you agonize over, and you hate your decisions, and then, finally, you happen upon a river that you can float down on a raft instead, and the path just takes you there. The journey becomes the destination. You let go of resistance and judgement and you’re full of joy and appreciation. All of a sudden each decision makes sense, and you can finally see the big picture.

modern urban abstract design, abstract san francisco art, west coast abstract art, meghan oona clifford, urban abstract bird artTaking Flight
2015 | 30×40″ | paints on stretched canvas | og and prints available

I’m not sure that every job can become a metaphor for life, but I bet most jobs in the arts can, and even other work can provide so much insight into ourselves and our journeys, if we pay attention.

Anyway, I didn’t take stills of this piece, first time in awhile, and it was nice to let go of one more task during the process. I think until I get a real video camera to take high quality footage, I’m going to focus less on the process shots and more on the process.

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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