Soul Catcher

For this piece, I listened to meditative music, put myself into a trance, and moved with the piece as it unveiled itself. It became more colorful than I imagined, and I love the 3D effect from the lines and the portals. The word “support” kept singing in my mind, like the forms were supporting each other, allowing each other to become whole.

urban modern abstract art, west coast abstraction, santa cruz artists, san francisco contemporary abstract art

Soul Catcher
paints on canvas | prints and og available

The name came to me after reading about soul retrival, and how some shamans function as soul catchers. This resonated with me, and was just the type of support I’d been feeling as I worked.

I took a few time-lapse videos of the process, which turned out really cool. You can check them out at my instagram.

Also, I put together a time-lapse from the stills, on my Facebook page. I’ve been doing this for most work recently, but I’m really aching to take it to the next level. I’m in the market for a nice video camera that can do lengthy, high-quality time-lapse. Soon!

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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