abstract spiritual modern art, meghan oona clifford art, contemporary san francisco artist

2015 | 30 x 40″ | paints on stretched canvas | original and prints available

I was working on another painting, and had a huge burst of frenetic energy, so I grabbed this large canvas to start in on the same time. I started with cave-like formations, then an urban pyramid came to life, then planetary bodies and then a human body.

I slept on that and the next day, a dog clearly wanted to be with the woman, and she wasn’t left so lonely anymore. I loved how this little universe came into being with this piece.

I felt primordial emotion come through my hands and appear before me. So many of my core values, visions, and feelings became expressed on this canvas. There’s a lot of triangles, which represent change, and the waves are a symbol of deep emotion. The light in her head symbolizes enlightenment, and the circle between their hearts shows interconnected oneness.

The plants show growth and the cave means protection, shelter, and home. But also reminiscent of yogis of old who’d meditate in caves until enlightenment. The pyramids represent longevity and a solid foundation.

None of this was in my mind consciously. I tapped into my subconscious and these forms appeared to fill in the void all on their own. Painting is such magic.

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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