The Sun is God

White was calling my name. I like the look of a blank white slate with pops of color for interior design, and since we’re only renting and can’t alter our cream walls, playing on canvas is my medicine.

A bright, light world unfolded with this piece – a setting sun, yellow rain, fiery plumes, and my favorite – the fluorescent orange waves. With this palette of bright colors, the message is ALIVENESS! To wake up, to come alive, to feel that way as much as possible.

The Sun is God

30 x 30″ | paints on stretched canvas

Last night, synchronistically, I watched the film Mr. Turner, about England’s most important artist. A flawed human, he still had a spiritual understanding of color and was called “the painter of light.” On his deathbed, he realized “the sun is God,” and that rang true in my heart.

The sun is in all of us, and in my understanding, so is divinity, should we choose to invite it in and let it shine through. May you shine like the sun!!!!

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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