The Egg

So much of my work uses some sort of weaving technique. I feel like it’s in the DNA my grandmothers passed down to me — all that knitting, crocheting, needlework, and stitching, flowing through their many hands over generations, into mine.

I also learned all those techniques, handed down from my mother, and practiced them for a few years until more haughty topics demanded my attention. Getting my bachelors,, starting a business, grad school… but the weaving flowed through me, appearing in all of my notebooks and journals as doodles, and then more formally in my Illuminated Portraiture series, and in every series since.

The-Egg-by-Meghan-Oona-Clifford-web                                      (The Egg, original and prints available here…)

And now, more loosely, weaving appears in these abstract pieces. It’s such an ingrained sensation – over, under, through, around – flowing strands connecting to create a fabric. In this case, the fabric of life, because I kept thinking of an egg, and a nest.

And that brings me full circle to my grandmothers. I’ve been feeling them lately, trying to listen to their love beyond death, to hear their lessons. I’m of them, their eggs, now grown into myself, out here in this world, walking around, seeing and breathing and being, for them.

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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