Free the River

This piece was born after two nights of vivid dreams about some of nature’s most powerful elements. First night, I was removing the dam on an African river, releasing the most beautiful clear blue waters I’ve ever seen. Second dream, I was walking on lava with protective boots. Both dreams, interpreted, indicate a massive release of emotion.

So in keeping with my emotional climate, this piece emerged full of movement, like a tidal wave, or hurricane force wind. It’s really the motion of the cleansing waters of my soul. It’s cosmic and earthy and full of life.

Free the River by Meghan Oona Clifford web

My very last day working on this piece, I had another dream… I was in a beautiful green land, and I felt a deep awe / sadness well up. I deeply wanted the land to be free, and for animals and humans to be free, to transcend to a new paradigm of bounty, health, and kindness.

Free the River
2015 | 30 x 30” | acrylic on stretched canvas

Prints and Original available, here…. (Prints from $20, FREE s/h)

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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