Experiments #24, 25, and 26… Touch

Experiment #24:

This was pretty cool. I tuned out everything but the sense of touch, which is a very surreal feeling. The drawing demonstrates the touch of air in and through my nose (in blue), and the touch of air on my air, and the sensation of blood flowing through my arm (in red). The rest shows what the touch of the air, and the couch below me looks like.

Experiment #24 by Meghan Oona

Experiment #25:

Working with graphite for the first time in these experiments, I closed my eyes and felt the jade plant next to me. My right hand drew what I felt. It was liberating, surprisingly, not limiting.

Experiment #25 by Meghan Oona

Experiment #26:

Whenever I ran into trouble with this eyes-open drawing, I just reached out and touched the jade again. Surprisingly, that told my right hand what to do next.

Experiment #26 by Meghan Oona

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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