Experiment #17: Sensing Drawing with Eyes Closed

Experiment #17: After completing and seeing your the-minute drawing of a plant, close your eyes and become aware of sensations in the present moment. Then bring your hangs to a new sheet of paper, noticing its presence… touch the paper with a crayon, moving any way it leads you… feel the quality of [the plant’s] life force, noticing any place in you that wakes up. Allow a movement to begin there, trusting its direction. When you have finished, notice the forms that emerged in the drawing, influenced by the plant.

Experiment #17 by Meghan Oona

So much feeling! Blooming, blossoming, growing, expanding… This piece, with eyes closed, turned out so much more alive and vibrant than the practiced study before. I poured energy into it, thinking of the way the flowers burst outward, and the leaves reached for the light.

Experiment #17: Sensing Drawing with Eyes Closed 19 x 24,” $25…


♥ ~ Meghan Oona
P.s. Read about my goals, hopes, and inspiration in undertaking this project, here…

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